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We have extensive experience in setting up and running both large and small successful adword campaigns. We can help you from choosing the right key phrases for your business, to setting up the campaign itself, monitoring its performance, and continually improving it to deliver the best results for you.

What if I don’t have an adword campaign already?

No problem. We will work with you to choose the 10 or so most relevant key phrases that will attract the maximum number of visitors and more importantly customers to your site. We will then help you set up a campaign for google and yahoo, from setting up the adverts, choosing the key phrases for each, defining the budget and choosing where the adverts are to be displayed.

What if I already have  a campaign running?

Again, not a problem. If it’s already working well, you won’t be reading this. If it isn’t working well, then we would review it as part of our website audit service. Based on the results of this we would then either modify your existing campaign or start a new one.

How much does it all cost?

Well the easy part to price is the adword campaign itself. You set a budget and this will be how much you pay, from £10 a month to £100,000. Depending on the level of work involved from our side we will then charge you based on the effort involved, which can vary greatly depending on how tailored your campaign needs are, and how much you can do yourself.

So what to do next?

Well we hope this brief article has explained some of the basics. To find out more, and to see what we can do to help your SEO campaign, then please contact us.. CONTACT US



The full range of web design and consultancy services, including full design, build and hosting of your site, with responsive design and service based on your requirements in language you can understand and at prices you can afford. Tangible results without the waffle.





Full range of Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing consultancy including on and off page practical advice that really makes a difference without costing the earth. Also sensible social media guidance to help you make the most of your tweets and facebook fans.

Website Audit Adwords SEO & Social Media Intelligent SEO

SEO Client Case Studies


Phrase: car cleaning in kent

Results: page 1

Competing Sites: 2,220,000

Phrase: car valeting in east kent

Results: page 1

Competing Sites: 312,000

Phrase: car cleaning in Canterbury

Results: page 1

Competing Sites: 148,000


Phrase: Helvellyn

Results: page 1

Competing Sites: 384,000


Phrase: Ullswater

Results: page 1

Competing Sites: 499,000

These examples give an illustration of the sort of results we have been able to deliver for a variety clients of phrases. Some are obviously less competitive than others, but each result has only been achieved through careful, targeted SEO analysis and implementation.

If you have any further questions or would like so more information on what we could do to help promote your business on-line please contact us.

Please click the link above f you would like to know more about our customised intelligent optimisation approach to SEO.